Felix Raunch

Porn star/solo brother of Nick Raunch. Friend and compatriot of Team Green.


Felix came into Night City with his twin sister Savannah to avenge the death of his older brother Nick. With that attitude of hot vengenence constantly in his mind he has cut a wide swathe through Night City. Working in porn to pay the bills, Felix fell in with some well known adult film producers and starred in the extremely popular all anal “Pain Crater” series, playing the mild mannered “DAVe Hunter” who became the porn superhero “The Beef Tornado” when aroused.

In addition to his massive cybernetically enhanced genitalia, Felix is also a trained soldier (as are all males in the Raunch clan). He puts his military training to good use in seeking the people that engineered the death of his older brother Nick, and is a relentless pursuer.

Felix Raunch

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