The Quickness

Young Fixer and disciple of Ronald Reagan DuBouis.


The Quickness is a high school aged Fixer of Night City from the corporate suburbs who specializes in stealing/rebuilding cars, and promoting racing events. He got his official start by tracking down Ronald Reagan DuBois, a founding member of Team Green and arranging a meeting with him at the pretzel stand in the Night City Mall. Despite his initial misgivings, RRD agreed to work with The Quickness and introduce him to some of his contacts in Night City’s criminal underworld.

The Quickness is a hard charging entrapeneural type of Fixer with another scheme, idea, or plan always hatching in his highly caffeinated mind. Even though he is still technically in high school, The Quickness has successfully muscled into the car boosting business of the southern combat zone and set up his own chop shop which he runs quite profitably. He is also a fan of all things racing and as such has come into contact with quite a few VooDoo Boys and has managed to create a decent working relationship with their cadre of leadership.

The Quickness is young but coming up fast in the criminal underworld and his plans are as big as his idol’s are; RRD. He remains loyal to RRD and is always willing to help Team Green whenever he can since he knows that they will return the favor.

Currently has a large bodyguard named Mandingo who is always at his side.

The Quickness

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