Team Green's lead netrunner and master hacker.


“Rubix” was a retired netrunner before running into Ronald Reagan DuBouis at a bar and getting offered a job outside the lines of his current boring corp net security gig. He thought about it, worked with Reagan and than subsequently leaped whole hog back into the life of an edgerunner. He is a brilliant and tenacious hacker often ignoring his physical needs to dangerous extremes when on a run but also has the ability to organize, plan, and work well with others, things not very often found in the world of socially backwards computer specialists.

Rubix works for Team Green by organizing and operating a “shop” of several elite hackers who operate out of a highly secure building in the southern combat zone. They are kept busy gathering information for Team Green as well as running scams, crashing systems, and generally doing whatever hackers would do if given a nearly unlimited access to the net from behind virtually untraceable firewalls.


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