"Master" Nate

Info broker in Night City


“Master” Nate makes his living by collecting phone numbers, addresses, URLs, license plate numbers, girlfriend names, private sexual perversions, and all other bits of interesting trivia that someone may want to know about someone else. Then he sells that information to anyone who can pay the price. He is a man who knows things, and if he doesn’t know it himself, he does know the people to put you in touch with to find what you want. The underworld version of Infocomp, Nate allies with no one and alienates no one. He is politically skillful to never let secrets slip that could potentially take him out of his professionally neutral role and put his life in danger, but everything is for sale. If you want your information to disappear from his database you just have to be willing to pay more than the people trying to acquire it.

Currently an independent operator somewhere in Night City.

"Master" Nate

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