Team Green member, bodyguard of Tito Villa Lobos


Steelkit is a dedicated chromer from the old school and one of the founding members of the Red Chrome Legion. A savage fighter and a fearless antogonist Steelkit is well known, respected, and feared throughout the chromer gangs of Night City.

His appearance is memorable; four cybernetic limbs with fearsome “wolvers” (highly illegal) in each arm. His reflexes are boosted to superhuman levels and his legs are built to nearly match the speed of a car in short bursts. His torso and cybernetic limbs are heavily armored and shielded as well, making him very difficult to stop once he gets moving. In addition, the left side of his head is covered with a heavy steel cowling and a greenish cybernetic eye peeks forth from the metal socket. A shock of unkept carrot colored hair grows from the remaining human side of his head, further adding to his strange and intimidating appearance.

Steelkit has a very simple and obvious fighting style which has served him well for many years; use his extraordinary speed and lightning reflexes to rush his opponent(s) and then cut them to ribbons with the razor sharp two foot wolvers extending from his hands. Simple, predictable, and yet nearly impossible to stop.

Despite a history of racial hatred, Steelkit appears to have given that up. He met the Team Green members when they partnered with the Demon Brothers who Steelkit was working for at the time. After the bombing and building collapse wiped that gang out, Steelkit independently approached Tito Villa Lobos and asked if he could bodyguard for him and help him avenge his fallen brothers. Tito readily agreed and the two have been inseparable ever since. Steelkit is quiet, rarely speaking, and extremely loyal to those he calls friends.


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