Little Caesar

High end arms dealer currently residing in the southern combat zone.


Little Caesar is one of the first contacts made by the early Team Green members. At that time he was a small but profitable arms dealer in the middle of Night City. He specialized in exotic and hard to find weaponry, focusing on quality rather than quantity. Time passed and the relationship between Little Caesar and Team Green deepened and a certain trust and mutual admiration began to develop.

Team Green went into business with the Yakuza and Little Caesar began to forge stronger ties with the Zulu Nation. When the two groups came in to conflict Team Green found themselves at a crossroads and chose to side with their long time friend Little Caesar and the war with the Yakuza began.

Little Caesar is a small dark man with a head for business. He carries significant influence in the corrupt Night City ports and provides weapons to the Zulu Nation in their war for control over the lucrative black market imports versus the Yakuza. He has risen in stature recently thanks in no small part to the help of Team Green members who he has called several times for help when he found himself in a tight spot. Coming to the defense of their friend, Team Green carried off several rescue missions and raids for Little Caesar that helped establish him firmly within the elite company of a very few other high end arms dealers in Night City.

His move to the southern combat zone was in part because his friends from Team Green moved there as well when the city fell under martial law and criminal enterprise within Night City proper became so much more difficult. Working together with his friends, Little Caesar makes sure that their weaponry is top shelf, and they in turn make sure that Little Caesar and his friends are safe to conduct their business.

Little Caesar

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