Hover Institute

A small, anti-corporate terrorist group with a socialist agenda operating in the southern combat zone. Typically highly educated, the Hovers over time have created a stable relationship with their neighbors by building schools for area youth, helping with microfinance to local businesspeople, and especially by providing free legal advice for all comers. A seemingly endless stream of capital, brought in primarily through private trust funds makes up for the lack of traditional revenue generation employed by other Night City criminal organizations.

While not strongly militaristic themselves, some of the relationships they have created have convinced local gangs into opening temporary alliances to provide them with the muscle they need to accomplish their goals, especially when a large chunk of any plunder is given away by the Hovers.

Idealistic and seeking to spread their particular view of corporate hatred coupled with homeopathic medicine, a return to hunter/gatherer societies, and the healing power of drum circles, the Hovers would seem to be a strange fit in the combat zone of Night City; which they are. After several initially disastrous and somewhat comic attempts to ingratiate themselves with their new neighbors, they were able to convince the gangs and residents of the combat zone that they were “down with the hood” (in their own special way) and a kind of workable truce was created.

While not being enthusiastically embraced by the downtrodden population they hope to elevate has not dimmed their hopes, the Hovers have had to reevaluate their goals. Initially, corporate sabotage was only a small element of their social agenda, but increasingly it is coming to the forefront of their operations. They are finding that their neighbors are much more interested in listening to their message if there is a way to get back at their perceived enemies directly or to have a payday at the end of it all. Therefore, much more energy has been put into corporate espionage and sabotage lately. Their suspicions confirmed regarding “off the books” corporate activity in the combat zones, the Hovers have many new targets to bear the brunt of their white guilt.

Hover Institute

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