Inquisitors and Prophets of Rage

An older, street level gang of anti-corporate, anti-cyber ware zealots with a religious spin, this group recently vaulted into the limelight with the creation of their hyper violent, hypervigilent arm the Prophets of Rage.

The original Inquisitors are guessed to have begun from renegade local Christianist churches of an extremely fundamentalist nature who decided among themselves that all cyber ware introduced to the body was anathema as well as most of the modern society that created the need in the first place. Spotted initially as roving groups of annoying hecklers, they rapidly progressed to violent attacks on anyone sporting visible cyber ware. Police patrols would arrest them sporadically for their assaults and occasional killings, but for many years they were seen as nothing more than a nuisance, dangerous only to those who were weak and alone at the wrong moment.

Recently, with the addition of the Prophets of Rage to their ranks, the Inquisitors have grown into something altogether different; an extremely organized, vocal, and successful hate group. While their outward goals have remained much the same, their methods have evolved considerably. Several powerful public personas have risen and now preach the message of hate and fear to the general public extremely successfully, and their membership has grown by leaps and bounds. Not only this, but their message has caught on in several academic quarters as well, leading to political difficulties for any law enforcement agency which attempts to treat the new or old group as simply another gang bent on criminal mischief. With many non-affiliated people actively supporting the POR and their mission of jihad against the modern cybernetic society, local and national law enforcement have had their hands tied when it comes to how to handle this group.

Rumors have been circulating due to several news reports of ties between Araska and the Prophets of Rage. According to these reports, after Araska was denied the contract to staff and operate Night City’s police precincts (a prize that Saburo Araska himself was reportedly dead set on achieving), they either contacted or infiltrated the Inquisitors and brought to life the Prophets of Rage in order to destabilize the city. Then, when the moment was ripe, Araska security would negotiate to save Night City from the rampant street violence and use that as the leverage to achieve the much desired security contract for all of Night City, reportedly worth just under a billion Euro as well as the coup of running the security in the city where their arch rival Militech is headquartered.

At this time, however, there are no direct causal links to substantiate these rumors and they remain alive only through the pages of conspiracy theorists on the net. Night City’s destablilization has continued without the help of the POR, and it is unclear what their next plans will be.

Inquisitors and Prophets of Rage

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