Red Chrome Legion

A chromer group created as an offshoot of the white supremacist groups in Idaho, the RCL is staffed nearly entirely with military trained, anti-government, cybernetically enhanced zealots with racist overtones. Keeping almost entirely to their own devices of murder for hire, kidnappings, drug selling and drug running, they are a small but very professional group of dedicated killers. While not all their crimes involve racist attitudes, it can be confirmed that their long term goals include the destabilization of society and class through aggravation of existing racial conflicts ultimately resulting in racial war and permanent separatism.

Their alliances in Night City have been surprising over the years, mostly along the lines of the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” attitude. The alliances are typically temporary but all are rigorously adhered to in terms of following through on the agreed upon contract and its terms. As a result, the reputation of the RCL carries a lot of weight within the criminal world and their promises are strictly kept even when seemingly at odds with the long term goals of the group.

One thing in which the RCL is adamant about is their refusal to ally or typically even deal with people affiliated with corporations. Their hatred of corporations is nearly as great as their hatred of minority races. They are always willing to take part in corporate sabotage as long as serves their greater goals and does not expose them to too much corporate revenge, and will never associate or do business with any corporation no matter how much money is at stake.

Because of their racist nature, they are necessarily small in number, but their professionalism, their military experience and their zealotry go a long way towards evening the odds.

Red Chrome Legion

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