Voodoo Boys

Multi-racial and multi-ethnic street gang prominent throughout Night City. Made up primarily of young well-to-do males of the “Fast and Furious” mold, the Voodoo Boys are the preferred street level drug distributors for most Night City gangs because of their access to all areas of Night City physically as well as socially. A large majority of illegal street drugs available in Night City move from the importer gangs through the Voodoo Boys to the consumers. The Voodoo Boys are surprisingly well educated compared to other gangs and their members are typically drawn from the suburbs of Night City. Therefore they are comfortable in all sections of Night City proper, from the club scene to the corporate sections to the university (in which many are enrolled). In addition, because of their violent nature and tendency towards high end fully automatic weapons, they are not afraid to venture into the combat zones, especially since martial law has been declared on Night City and so much of the club life has moved into the unregulated CZ.

Besides drugs, the VBs love cars and racing them illegally. Always active in street racing before martial law, they have been a major part of the expansion of illegal racing in the combat zones and are the driving force and money behind a lot of the tracks that have been built there. Dealing in stolen cars and chop shops that break them down, resell them, and also turn out custom built racers is another large revenue stream for the VBs, and one cannot thinking “racing” in Night City without the VBs being involved somehow.

Even though they put a great deal of effort and care into their appearance, it should not be assumed that the Voodoo Boys are not dangerous. With the money they have to spend they are always well armed and armored, and the designer steroids they have access to create some very powerful fighters within their ranks. They also serve as hit squads for several other gangs and are always interested in taking a kill contract for money.

The gang itself is very hard to classify since they don’t adhere to a rigid hierarchy or have any real organization other than “cult of personality” fiefdoms following a popular and powerful leader, typically the coolest and most bad ass of the bunch. Likewise their numbers are equally hard to quantify since membership comes and goes as people move through the gang and perhaps leave when other areas of their lives open up and they move back into the legitimate sectors of society. With no real initiations or other hazing rituals required to join the gang, the membership is very informal and fluid with a few more hardcore members directing the groups and providing long term leadership.

Voodoo Boys

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